Pipe penetrations / Tie rods (snap ties)

Concrete Wall Pipe Leaks

Leakage around sewer, water and well pipes is very common. The holes around these pipes are typically larger than the actual pipe itself leaving a void for water infiltration and leaking pipes. For example, a sewer pipe is generally 4” in diameter yet the hole through the concrete has a diameter of at least 5” or more.

How to Fix Leaking pipes in concrete

Using a two part urethane foam that is injected into the void will stop water and prevent further leaking and other pipe repairs. This process works well for all pipe penetrations through poured concrete walls. We offer a TEN YEAR WARRANTY on repairs to pipe penetrations.

What Can Cause Leaks around pipes

Tie rods or snap ties in a foundation can also be a source of water infiltration. These are the metal rods that are used doing the forming process of the foundation. Over time these rust and allow water to make its way through into the home. Again using a two part urethane foam injected into these areas will stop water. We offer a TEN YEAR WARRANTY on repairs to Tie rods/ snap ties.

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Basement Concrete Wall Pipe Leak


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