Basement Floor Cracks

Why Do Basement Floors Crack?

Like foundation walls, basement floors are prone to cracking. Most floors are poured at a thickness of 4″ or less, which makes them more susceptible to cracks. Some builders will cut “control joints” into the floor to help “control” where the cracking takes place, knowing that in most cases some cracks will develop.

Is it necessary to repair floor cracks?

Repairing floor cracks is certainly beneficial for several reasons:

How to fix Basement Floor Cracks

There are two ways Crack-X repairs floor cracks:

Fixing Uneven Basement Floor Cracks

In some cases, cracks form in floors and become displaced, with one side being higher than the other, resulting in a tripping hazard. In these instances, the cracks can be ground down to “take the curse” out of the displacement, then filled with an epoxy resin or paste of the proper width.

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