Garage Floor Coating -
Resurfacing and repair

Crack-X offers a permanent, flexible, and decorative coating system that will leave your concrete floors protected with a weather-proof and seamless solution.

What are the best products?

We use many top brand names because each job has unique needs, all of our systems are high-strength coatings to refinish and resurface garage and basement concrete surfaces. They are:

  • Waterproof, slip-resistant, and crack-resistant,
  • A durable coating that withstands cold winters, water pressure, gas pressure, and vibration.

What Is It Used On?

It can be used on both interior and exterior concrete surfaces such as:

  • Garage floors
  • Concrete basements

How Does it Work?

Crack-X begins with cleaning the surface and if there are existing cracks, they will be repaired, waterproofed and filled. A coating is then applied to fill in pores and level off the surface.


  • Grinding and shot-blasting will clean and prepare the concrete,
  • All existing cracks are repaired by opening them up and cleaning them out,
  • The cracks are then waterproofed to prevent water damage,
  • A liquid rubber base and thickening activator are applied to complete the crack repair.


  • After the surface is prepared, a liquid polyurethane coating is applied,
  • The coating penetrates deeply into the poured concrete and fills in the pores up to 1.5” deep,
  • A liquid rubber base coating is applied followed by a waterproofing coat,
  • To finish, decorative color flakes are applied and covered with a polyurethane top coat giving it a granite-like finish.

Call us at 978-687-4195 to get more details and a free estimate. We can transform your existing concrete into a showroom quality floor!


  • Durable, washable and easily maintained
  • Great looking, seamless, non skid surface
  • Up to five times stronger than concrete alone
  • Cures quickly for minimal down time
  • Adds value to products in showrooms
  • Provides sanitation and cleanliness where required
  • Unbeatable protection from wear and tear
  • 100% solids system does not shrink
  • The ultimate work floor for mechanics
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