Is Waterproofing Paint the Best Option?

“Can I save money?” “Can I do it myself?” These are the questions we ask ourselves when we’re confronted with home repairs. We’d like to have professionals take care of everything but we shudder at the anticipated cost. What if we’ve found signs of moisture, or even water, in our basement? Do we need to call

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Foundation Crack Repair Fixes Structural Damage

Last Monday, our technician Tom inspected a foundation wall crack in Temple, New Hampshire. Based on the displacement and width of the crack, he deemed it to be structural in nature. We injected a two-part epoxy into the foundation wall crack and inserted 4 structural pins. The pins were secured with a further injection of

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Fix Cracks Before Selling Your Home

Selling your home? Do you have cracks in your foundation? Obviously, you want to get the largest return on your investment. Perhaps you’ve spent thousands of dollars in renovations and countless hours of your hard work. What could derail your goal of selling your home for its highest value? What could create complications in the

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