basement finishing mistakes

Top 6 Basement Finishing Mistakes to Avoid

Planning a basement remodel? Make sure you avoid these common basement finishing mistakes! Basement finishing is a lengthy project that involves a lot of money and time. We have compiled a list of 6 basement finishing mistakes made by homeowners. Read about them below and save your basement finishing investment from being wasted. DIY Plumbing,

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benefits of a finished basement

5 Incredible Benefits of a Finished Basement

Interior designers discuss the top benefits of a finished basement A finished basement sounds like an attractive investment that can not only benefit you in the short term but also in the long term when you sell your house. Basements are usually the most overlooked and under-cared-for part of a house. If properly maintained and

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average cost of finishing a basement

The Average Cost of Finishing A Basement – The Truth

Here is the real cost of finishing a basement A finished basement not only adds value to your property but provides you with extra space for your leisure. Basements can be finished to fit a variety of needs. Generally speaking, a basement finishing project can cost anywhere between $10,000 to 100K depending on your requirements.

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finish your basement in easy steps

How to Finish Your Basement in Easy Steps

Follow these instructions from an interior designer to finish your basement in easy steps Finishing a basement is an easy way for having some extra space in your home. This is much cheaper than going for home addition or remodeling project. A basement can be redesigned to fit any purpose. It can serve as an

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finishing your basement

7 Practical Tips For Finishing Your Basement Like A Pro

Here are 7 amazing ideas for finishing your basement like a pro Waterproofing your basement is an important requirement for starting a basement finishing and remodeling project. A properly finished basement will add value to your home. It provides usable space that can be used as a recreational area, games room, or even a guest

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waterproof your basement

7 Practical Tips to Dry and Waterproof Your Basement

Here is the list of innovative ideas to dry and permanent waterproof your basement A waterproof basement is an important prerequisite for starting a basement finishing project. Check out these 7 practical tips to help you dry and waterproof your basement. Analyze & Diagnose The Problem A quick visual inspection will let you know if

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5 Proven Tips to Waterproof Your Basement

What are 5 proven ways to waterproof your basement discussed by experts near you? Properly waterproofing your basement is more important than you think. Condensation, leakage, and seepage from groundwater are the most common reasons for a flooded basement. If left unchecked, it can cause a host of problems such as unstable foundations, cracked walls,

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facts about garage flooring

What Are Some Must-Know Facts About Garage Flooring?

Here are a couple of interesting facts about garage flooring that you may not know   Maintainance of garage floors has always been at the bottom of the ‘to-do’ list of American homeowners until recently. Times are changing and people are now becoming more aware of the benefits of a well-maintained garage. Garage floors were

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how repair and replace bulkhead door

When and How to Replace a Bulkhead Door?

‘Here are some common signs discussed by experts to identify ‘when and how to replace a bulkhead door ‘   Bulkhead doors are an essential part of your home. Not only are they a significant outside entrance to your house, but they offer protection to your belongings as well. Because of its overall significance and

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