types of foundation cracks

10 Different Types of Foundation Cracks (Part 1)

Experts reveal different types of foundation cracks and the best way to fix them Foundational cracks can sabotage the strength and stability of the wall and whole structure for that matter. Cracks may not seem noticeable in the beginning but they might get bigger over time. There is a possibility of water leaking inside the

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protect your garage floor

4 Ways To Protect Your Garage Floor During Winters

Learn 4 different ways to protect your garage floor during winters – tips by experts Garage floors are constantly exposed to chemicals, automotive fluids, dirt, sand, and de-icing substances. Most garage floors are not finished with a top seal and are just bare concrete. The harmful substances whether attached to footwear or vehicles, seep into

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signs of structural damage of a property

5 Telltale Signs of Structural Damage of A Property

Here is a checklist and 5 major signs of structural damage of a property Quite often most cracks don’t pose a real threat to your house’s structural integrity. If you spot a crack early on, notice that it doesn’t progress further and doesn’t widen then you are safe from any serious damage. However, not all

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causes of basement floor cracks

5 Causes of Basement Floor Cracks

Here are 5 reasons why basement floor cracks Basement floor cracks are one of the most common problems faced by many homeowners. Cracks can vary in size, but if it’s wider than one-eighth of an inch, then it should be a cause of concern. We are going to explore the 5 main causes of basement

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reasons for waterproofing your basement

5 Practical Reasons for Waterproofing Your Basement

Learn from experts the reasons for waterproofing your basement Did you know that 3 out of 5 homeowners in the USA have complained about basement flooding in 2020? This is because very few people actually get their basement waterproofed. A waterproofed basement can save you from a lot of trouble, costly repairs, and a host

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epoxy garage floors

5 Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floors

What are the benefits of epoxy garage floors? Here are a few things you must know Epoxy flooring has been the prime choice for many homeowners, for their garages and basements. This is because epoxy floors last a very long time, are highly durable, and clean easily. There is no stain that can stay permanently

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fix cracks in a foundation wall

5 Ways To Fix Cracks In A Foundation Wall

How to DIY fix cracks in a foundation wall – learn from experts One of the worst sights for a homeowner is to discover cracks in their foundation walls. In addition to making the house structure weak and susceptible to damage, cracks also promote water seepage which can cause flooding in the basement. Read on

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5 innovative ways to protect garage floor

5 Innovative Ways to Protect Garage Floor

Learn 5 innovative ways to protect garage floor One of the most overlooked and damaged spaces in a house is the garage floor. Most people don’t bother to repair the garage floor because they are afraid it will require another repair which will cost them money. In this article, we take a look at 5

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epoxy flooring

What Is Epoxy Flooring? Understanding The Basics

The complete guide to epoxy flooring and its benefits and different types of flooring Selecting the right type of flooring is of paramount importance in a basement finishing project. There are several flooring options available in the market, but the most preferred one is epoxy flooring. In this article, we attempt to explain epoxy flooring

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