home foundation failure

10 Warning Signs Of Home Foundation Failure (Part 1)

Read on to learn about the 10 alarming signs of home foundation failure Foundational issues are problems that should not be overlooked. If left unaddressed they can cause structural damage and endanger the integrity of the entire building. A minor problem can be prevented from turning into a major catastrophe if you know what to

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finished basement

5 Ways A Finished Basement Contributes To A Stable Home

Continue reading to see how a finished basement helps the stability of a house Basements are usually the most overlooked and under-cared part of a house. If properly maintained and finished, a basement can benefit you in a lot of ways. From upgrading living space and making your home energy efficient to increasing home value,

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water seepage through basement

5 Causes Of Water Seepage Through Basement Floor

Learn the reasons of water seepage through basement floor and some strategies to keep your basement dry A wet basement is a serious problem that is commonly faced by many homeowners. Even a little moisture can become a major issue if not fixed on time. A wet basement poses threats to your home, health, and

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causes of slab leaks

5 Problematic Causes Of Slab Leaks

Following is a list of the five most common causes of slab leaks The water and sewer pipes beneath the foundation of a house are susceptible to corrosion and cracking as they age. It can be extremely difficult to fix the issue once the pipes below the slab foundation are damaged. We have listed the

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facts about garage floor coatings

5 Noteworthy Facts About Garage Floor Coatings

Here is the list of 5 significant facts about garage floor coatings Garage floors were regarded as dull-looking floors with cracks in them. They never looked aesthetically pleasing. But now people have started to pay attention as well as invest in their garage floors. Here are some facts about garage floor coatings that will help

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cold water impact home foundations

5 Ways Cold Water Impact Home Foundations

Learn how cold water impact home foundations from best plumbers near you When the temperature drops below the freezing point, it causes the water to freeze below your concrete foundation. If the temperature remains below 40 degrees Fahrenheit for three consecutive days, the extent of damage gets worse. In this article, we have discussed how

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epoxy color

5 Easy Tips For Choosing The Right Epoxy Color For Your Floor

Here are 5 tips for choosing the right epoxy color for your floor Although choosing a color for your floor may seem like a small detail, it can be overwhelming. This is because epoxy is available in a variety of colors. The color and finish you choose have a great deal of impact on the

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protect basement from moisture

6 Practical Tips To Protect Basement From Moisture

Learn some practical tips from experts near you on how to protect basement from moisture Estimates provided by the American Society of Home Inspectors show that about 60% of homes in the US have wet basements. A wet basement is a serious problem that is commonly faced by homeowners. It is not only a real

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common types of commercial building foundations

5 Common Types Of Commercial Building Foundations

Assure the strength of your building by knowing the types of commercial building foundations Commercial foundations are designed by keeping in mind the estimated external load. This ensures the security and stability of the building. Depending on the soil conditions, the size of the building, and budget commercial foundations can vary. Knowledge about the common

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foundation of a home

Damaging Impacts Moisture Changes On The Foundation Of A Home

Read below how moisture is damaging the foundation of a home Foundation is an integral part of a home that supports the stability of the entire structure. Issues with the foundation can cause the whole structure to crumble down. Hot and dry weather is one of the culprits behind foundation damage. Therefore, it is important

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