Understanding Different Types Of Foundation Repair Methods

The power of knowledge – Mastering foundation repair methods for homeowners

Addressing a settling foundation is essential for your home’s structural well-being. The appropriate foundation repair method depends on various factors, such as the foundational issue, the soil composition, and the type of foundation requiring support. Keep reading to understand different types of foundation repair methods to stay informed when selecting a foundation repair expert.

Steel Piers Installation

  • In many cases, opting for the installation of steel piers beneath your home is the most effective long-term strategy for stabilizing the foundation. However, it is the more expensive option. In this repair method, galvanized steel posts are securely driven deep into the ground beneath the foundation.

These piers reach bedrock or sufficiently compact soil, ensuring reliable support. They can bear significant weight, are versatile, and are suitable for nearly any upper soil condition. Moreover, steel piers are recognized as a lasting and permanent solution for foundation stability.

Helical Piers

  • Helical piers offer a durable foundation repair approach. They are made of galvanized steel. These are steel posts equipped with a helically-shaped leading point resembling a screw or auger. Large machinery is utilized to turn and drive these piers into the ground, gradually pulling them deeper below the surface.

They are ideal for supporting substantial home and foundation weight. Helical piers eliminate the necessity of reaching bedrock. They are drilled into the ground until they reach dense, compact soil capable of providing ample support. Once securely in place, they are permanently attached to the house, ensuring a robust and lasting foundation repair solution.

Concrete Piles

  • Concrete piles, available in various dimensions, are essentially pre-cured blocks or cylinders of concrete. These piles range from several inches to many feet in thickness and length and are either driven or placed below the foundation into compacted soil.

They can be a single unit or several stacked on top of each other. They offer a more budget-friendly alternative to steel piers. However, the effectiveness of concrete piles is determined by the specific soil conditions beneath your home.

Poured Concrete Piers

  • Poured concrete piers present a viable option for a cost-effective foundation repair solution under suitable conditions. This method involves excavating a large hole beneath the foundation, filling it with wet concrete, and allowing it to cure before attaching it to the home.

Poured concrete piers prove beneficial in various soil conditions, adopting either a cylindrical shape or incorporating a bell shape at the bottom to enhance support.

Slab Jacking

  • If your home is built on a concrete slab and exhibits signs of unevenness or cracking due to soil erosion, slab jacking could provide a solution. This process involves drilling holes in the existing slab and injecting either a concrete slurry or dense polyurethane foam underneath the compromised section.

It is commonly used to rectify sagging sidewalks, driveways, and garage floors. Slab jacking offers a permanent solution when the home’s slab foundation is on adequately compacted soil. However, it may require multiple applications over time as soil erosion or settling persists.


  • foundation repair methodsIn some instances, new homes are constructed on ground that may not have been adequately compacted before foundation installation. Consequently, the soil shifts or erodes, creating gaps between the foundation and the rest of the home’s structure.

Whether indicative of larger issues or not, an inspection by a foundation expert may determine that filling these gaps with steel shims can effectively restore proper support. Shims can serve as a lasting solution if the soil settles and stabilizes beneath the home. However, if gaps reappear, a more comprehensive repair may be necessary.

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