5 Common Epoxy Flooring Mistakes And Tips To Avoid Them

A guide to avoiding typical epoxy flooring mistakes and ensuring a smooth installation

Epoxy floor coating is one versatile solution for all your flooring problems. It gives an excellent and durable finish. However, mistakes during the installation of epoxy flooring can cause your epoxy flooring to fail. We have compiled a guide to common epoxy flooring mistakes to help you avoid them.

Not Selecting The Appropriate Epoxy Resin

  • One of the essential factors to consider while applying epoxy flooring is the choice of epoxy resin. Before starting the epoxy project, do extensive research to determine the type of product, resin, and other materials recommended for your space. Epoxy is the most economical and preferred flooring choice. However, different epoxy resins suit different spaces, needs, and designs.

Therefore, it is better to research and find out which type of epoxy resin will suit your flooring needs. Diligent research comes in handy whether you are looking for garage floor coating, basement floor, or any other space. An incorrect type of epoxy resin may not give you the desirable results. So, avoid making this mistake and choose only the appropriate product for your floor.

Incorrect Measurement Of Your Epoxy Products

  • If the epoxy products are inadequately measured, your flooring will not cure securely. Therefore, it is essential to determine the correct volume of elements before application. Starting small gives you the margin to add more resin whenever needed. To avoid making the wrong measurements, use a graduated measuring cup to measure the epoxy resin.

Next, give the resin some time to settle before calculating the amount. Pour the required hardener into the epoxy mixture after measuring the epoxy. Make a 2:1 by volume. For every part of the hardener, you must pour two portions of epoxy. However, this is not a universal epoxy mixture ratio; it may differ according to the manufacturers and spaces. Verify the correct ratio with the directions on the package to get the correct proportions.

Improper Mixing Of The Epoxy Resin

  • This mistake is commonly made by beginners who lack the necessary experience. If you have never mixed epoxy before, start with a small batch. Once you get comfortable with the mixing and curing, make the required amount of epoxy batch. Finally, pour the measured proportions of epoxy resin and hardener into a plastic or wax-free paper container.

Using glass or foam containers can result in hazardous exothermic reactions, so avoid them. Avoid stirring the mixture too quickly for too long as it will incorporate air bubbles into the mixture, and you will not get the required finish. In addition, air bubbles will result in an uneven final epoxy coat. Stir the mixture for 1 to 3 minutes until you achieve a single-product consistency. Pour the mixture into a roller pan and apply immediately to extend the working time.

Neglecting The Air Bubbles

  • epoxy flooring mistakesNeglecting the bubbles that arise after applying the epoxy coating is a mistake that can fail your floor. Epoxy products usually contain a de-gassing agent that produces bubbles in each layer of the epoxy. When this happens, torch the bubble with a heat gun before the epoxy thickens and cures.

Use a low heat setting to aim the heat parallel to the bubbled surface. Do not aim straight down to the bubble, as this can affect the resin’s finish. Take your time with the project and avoid making mistakes that might erode your epoxy resin. However, if you lack the knowledge and experience, hire professionals for your epoxy floor coating project.

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