Top 4 Garage Floor Coating Options

Find out which of the top 4 garage floor coating options can give your garage a more natural and orderly appearance

Garage floors are exposed to everyday traffic, including vehicles and pedestrians. They take a constant beating from chemical spills, hot tires, automotive fluids, grease, and dirt. Therefore, it is essential to maintain and upgrade the garage floor with the best coating options. We have put together a list of the best garage floor coatings.

Epoxy Floor Coating

  • Epoxy is one of the best floor coating options. Epoxy flooring does a great job protecting the garage floor and updating its décor. It keeps your garage floor protected at an affordable price. Epoxy is a mixture of polymer resin and a hardening chemical. It can be bought in various colors and styles that give a matte or high-shine appearance. Epoxy is functional, durable, and an attractive long-term solution for a garage floor.

Epoxy lasts longer than the other alternatives. Once cured, it takes time to apply and cure but retains its thickness and shape. Epoxy flooring has been the prime choice for many homeowners. This is because epoxy floors are easier to clean and maintain. It gives a shiny glossy finish that increases the brightness of the floor and makes it look spacious.

Polyaspartic Floor Coating

  • Polyaspartic coating is a high-performance floor coating. It is composed of high-grade materials and is applied by trained professionals with the help of special equipment. It is known for durability and long-lasting floor protection. Cheaper garage floor coatings provide a less effective topical surface bond. On the other hand, polyaspartic coating penetrates deep into the concrete surface to create a stronger bond. This makes it resistant to chemicals, water, and other elements that cause damage to the flooring.

In addition, the durable top coating withstands damage from abrasion, impacts, and permanent markings left behind by hot tires. Unlike the bare concrete floor, the coating does not wear down quickly and does not produce any dust. Furthermore, everyday dust won’t be visible on the polyaspartic floorings. This is because the coating has decorative colored flakes that obscure the dust and add a decorative and clean look to your garage.

Concrete Resurfacers

  • The coating option is made of a mixture of Portland cement, sand, polymer materials, etc. It is easier to apply and requires a few tools for application, including a trowel, brush, and squeegee. The product has a natural cement grey color that can be enhanced with the help of decorative pigments.

Concrete resurfacers give your garage floor a more dynamic look. This product is excellent for renewing a flawed floor surface. It is a cosmetic fix for garage floors and refreshes the floor’s appearance.

Floor Sealer

  • garage floor coating optionsConcrete sealer is another protective coating option popularly chosen by homeowners. It is stain-resistant and gives a good finish. Concrete sealer is inexpensive and easy to apply. It comes in latex, acrylic, and urethane types, adding a sheen to the garage floor and enhancing its appearance. Solvent or water-based sealers can be easily purchased from the market.

Solvent-based concrete sealers provide better protection to the floor and last longer. On the other hand, water-based sealers release lesser toxins into the air when applied. However, concrete sealers are slightly slippery and require proper maintenance. Homeowners will need to reseal their garage floors every few years. Concrete sealers are no match to epoxy floor coatings, but they can be used as a temporary fix.

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