Understanding Different Types Of Garage Floor Coatings

Here is a list of the various types of garage floor coatings that are long-lasting and durable

There are several ways of sprucing up a garage floor; most homeowners may have trouble deciding which option to choose. With just a little extra effort, you can make your garage floor attractive and comfortable. We have put together a list of different garage floor coatings so you can choose the one that best meets your long-term needs.

Selecting the Best Finish

  • When a vehicle is driven for long, its tires heat up. The rubber from the hot tires sticks to the concrete garage floor. This causes paint on the garage floor to peel or become discolored. The phenomenon is called hot tire pickup. In addition, garage floors undergo cracking and breakage due to the continuous weight of the cars and other vehicles.

Since a garage is less insulated than the rest of the home, it is much more susceptible to moisture damage and warping caused by temperature fluctuations. Garage floor coatings prevent your floor from wearing and renew its appearance.

Here are different types of floor coatings to consider for your garage.


  • Epoxy is one of the best floor coating options. Epoxy is a mixture of polymer resin and a hardening chemical. It can be bought in various colors and styles that give a matte or high shine appearance. It is functional, durable, and an attractive long-term solution for a garage floor. Epoxy lasts longer than the other alternatives.

Epoxy takes time to apply and cure, but it retains its thickness and shape once cured. Epoxy flooring has been the prime choice for many homeowners. This is because epoxy floors are easier to clean and maintain. It gives a shiny glossy finish that increases the brightness of the floor and makes it look spacious.


  • Paint is a standard and most affordable floor coating option. The paint looks good when it’s new but does not last long. To maintain an up-to-date look of the garage, you will have to repaint it every few years. This can cost more in the long run. In addition, painting a garage floor can also expose homeowners to harmful VOCs.

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are a group of chemicals found in different products, including paints, varnishes, caulks, etc. The substances from VOCs release gas and contaminate the indoor air that we breathe. Therefore, paints are not a good long-term solution for a garage floor.

Concrete Sealer

  • Concrete sealer is another protective coating option that makes a garage floor look good. It is stain-resistant and gives a good finish. It adds a sheen to the garage floor and enhances its appearance. Solvent or water-based sealers can be easily purchased from the market. Solvent-based concrete sealers provide better protection to the floor and last longer. On the other hand, water-based sealers release lesser toxins into the air when applied.

However, concrete sealers are slightly slippery and require proper maintenance. Homeowners will need to reseal their garage floors every few years. Concrete sealers are no match to epoxy floor coatings, but they can be used as a temporary fix.

Green Coatings

  • types of garage floor coatingsGreen coatings are created by using a combination of castor oil and gypsum. They are a durable and sustainable garage floor coating option. Green layers are safe, and valuable, and enhance a home’s curb appeal and resale value. These high-performance garage floor coatings are also much easier to repair.

If you are looking for a durable and economical garage floor coating option, contact us at 877-727-2259. Crack-X is a civil structures repair company located in Maine and New Hampshire. Our specialists will give you the best advice according to your budget and requirements. Let us help you make the best choice for your floor.

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