Why Are Regular Basement Inspections Important For Your Home?

Read on to learn why are regular basement inspections crucial

Frequent basement inspections are critical for ensuring the integrity of a house’s structure and foundation. They help keep your residence in good shape and increase the property’s sale value. This article provides information on the importance of regular basement inspections for a home.

Identify Foundation Issues

  • Foundation cracks are one of the most serious problems for homeowners. The root cause of these problems can be located in the basement. With changing weather conditions and earthquakes, cracks develop in the foundation. Since the foundation is hidden, it is easier to overlook the warning signs of foundational issues.

Over time, minor issues grow into serious situations that require costly repairs. Keeping an eye on your basement throughout the year can help you prevent several issues. But it is wiser to hire a professional for a thorough basement inspection. This helps identify and repair foundational cracks and other issues.

Reveal Water Leakages

  • Water leaks are particularly common in older homes. But they can occur in any type of structure. The water reaches a basement in several ways including, pinholes, fissures, roof, windows, etc. The signs of water leaks are usually visible in the form of condensation, unexplained pools of water, and stains on the walls.

These signs may be easier to spot, but it is hard to identify the sources of water leaks all by yourself. However, a professional can tell how the water is entering your basement. This helps homeowners a great deal in avoiding serious foundational problems.

Detect Moisture And Mold Growth

  • Moisture in the basement can go undetected for a long time. Homeowners remain unaware of the potential problems that moisture can create until it wreaks havoc. Moisture commonly emerges in unfinished basements.

However, leaking pipes, windows, or flooding is also the culprit behind moisture and mold growth in the basement. When the moisture is not dried off for long, the mold begins to spread. This can be seen in the form of black, green, or white spots on the walls around your home. Mold should be eradicated right away otherwise it can lead to serious health problems.

Health Risks Associated With Mold Growth

  • Common health problems associated with mold growth include eye irritation, skin rashes, nasal congestion, and respiratory problems including asthma. A professional basement inspection can go a long way in detecting mold growth and keeping your family safe.

Prevent Potential Issues With Appliances

  • When moisture leakages remain undetected, equipment present in the basement including the HVAC system, boiler, and electric system may begin to malfunction. These problems can be avoided by undertaking frequent basement inspections. Contact a professional if you detect unpleasant smells, leaks, and other such issues.

Expose Broken Sump Pump

  • Sump pumps are installed to remove groundwater from a home’s basement or crawlspace. If the sump pump stops working, the water gets into your basement and foundation walls, thus leading to foundation damage. If the problem is not resolved, basement flooding becomes inevitable. It is advisable to hire a professional to check if your sump pump is working correctly or needs to be replaced.

Detect Termites And Pests

  • regular basement inspectionsPests and termites can be attracted to your home because of the moisture. These termites cause significant damage to your home’s structure. The trained eyes of a professional can detect the presence of termites and pests in the basement and provide you with solutions to deal with them.

It is essential to conduct a thorough inspection of your basement once or twice a year. This ensures the timely detection and fixing of cracks, water damage, mold, and other issues.

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