10 Warning Signs Of Foundation Failure In Buildings (Part 2)

Read on to learn about the 10 vital warning signs of foundation failure

For most homeowners, foundational issues top the long and frightening list of expensive home repairs. The estimated cost of a foundation repair lies somewhere between $5,000 to $7,000 and more. As a part of preventative home maintenance, the homeowners must know how to find foundation problems. Therefore, we have listed some warning signs of foundation failure.

Cracks In The Floors

  • A telltale sign of foundation problems is the appearance of cracks in the vinyl, poured concrete or tile floor covering. If you spot a straight-looking crack that runs across tiles or if tiles are raised off the floor there could be a problem with your home’s foundation.

It is advisable to stay mindful of the cracks in the floors and walls of your home. If you begin noticing new cracks in concrete flooring have your home inspected right away to prevent any costly damages.

When To Call An Expert

Immediately call an expert if you see:

  • Cracks are more than 1/8 inch wide
  • Cracks are wider at one end than the other
  • Cracks appear horizontally or at an angle of 45 degrees
  • Signs of moisture in the cracks
  • Presence of stair-step cracks

Wall Rotation

  • In instances where the soil below your home gets saturated with water, the outside edge of the foundation sinks deeper into the soil. This is because the weight of the building pushes down on the foundation thereby causing it to sink.

On the other hand, the dry inside edge of the foundation begins to pull up. This phenomenon is known as wall rotation and indicates severe foundational problems.

Musty Smell In The Basement

  • If you are noticing a musty, unpleasant smell in the basement and crawlspaces, it spells trouble for your basement. The odor is usually caused by the growth of mildew and indicates leaks in the basement walls.

The leaks may be related to plumbing or caused by the seepage of moisture through cracks in the foundation.

Blocked Gutters

  • One of the biggest culprits behind basement-related foundation issues are the blocked gutters. It is essential to perform regular maintenance checks to ensure that your gutters are working properly. However, if your gutters are not clogged but you are still having moisture issues in the basement installing downspout extensions might help.

The extensions will help to redirect water away from your home’s foundation. Moreover, check your sump pump regularly and clear any debris around it.

Gaps In The Walls And Ceilings

  • The movement of the foundation causes gaps to appear between the wall and the ceiling. Sometimes the gaps can appear between the wall and the floor. When this happens the walls no longer meet the ceiling or the floor thereby indicating foundational damage.

warning signs of foundation failureIn addition, a sinking foundation causes cracks to appear in the bricks and masonry. At times these cracks run through the bricks and the mortar between them. These are referred to as stair-step cracks and can be used for detecting issues with the foundation.

Separated Chimneys

  • Another warning sign of problems with the foundation is the movement of the chimney. The issues with the foundation of your home can cause the chimneys to separate from the building. If they shift too much, chimneys can entirely collapse thus exposing your family and property to a serious threat. If you are dealing with this call a professional to get the issue fixed immediately.

If you have noticed cracks in your foundation give us a call at 877-727-2259. Our experts from Crack-X will assess the damage and provide necessary foundation repairs. Crack-X is a structural repair company located in Maine and New Hampshire.

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