Why Waterproof Your Basement In Winter – Top 4 Reasons

Learn the top four reasons to waterproof your basement in winter

Water can damage not only the walls and floor in the basement but also the items you might have stored in there. A valuable living space can be added to a home by making a few upgrades in a clean and dry basement. This article explains the benefits of waterproofing your basement in winter.

Waterproofing Your Basement In Winter

  • Most people avoid scheduling waterproofing measures in winter but there is no reason to do so. To keep your basement clean and dry when the spring arrives, it is far better to get the waterproofing done before the spring thaw.

Continue reading to find out why some homeowners may feel reluctant about scheduling the waterproofing measures in winters.

Weather Conditions

  • Although cold does not prevent you from waterproofing your basement, it can make the task strenuous. This is because some of the waterproofing measures may not adhere properly when the temperature is too low. But this does not mean it is unfavorable to waterproof your basement in winters.

Heavy rainfall can make this task more challenging. Rainfall can make it difficult to waterproof your basement as it increases the moisture level. For this reason, it is better to get the work done in winter instead of spring. Snow may be cold and inconvenient but unlike rain, it does not sabotage the chances of successful waterproofing.

Pre-Existing Damage

  • A reputable waterproofing expert will recommend fixing any pre-existing issues in the basement that may occur as a result of excess hydrostatic pressure, sinking, settlement, or even interior leaks. These issues need to be fixed before undertaking any waterproofing measures.

Otherwise, there is no use in installing solutions without addressing the underlying issues. There is a greater chance that you will have to re-do the work again thereby adding to the expenses. However, when you hire the right professionals they should be able to waterproof your basement while repairing the underlying issues.

Importance Of Waterproofing In Winter

Waterproofing your basement in winter can offer several benefits. These include:

Decrease In Humidity

  • The first and most important benefit of waterproofing the basement in winter is that you will notice a significant reduction in the humidity level in your home.

It can make the environment of your home much more comfortable and decrease your energy bills. This is because humid air takes longer to heat and cool.

Reduced Moisture Seepage

  • If you schedule your waterproofing measures in winters, this will decrease the probability of water seeping from outside into your basement.

Easier To Schedule Waterproofing

  • For most contractors, winter is a quiet season with less work. This makes it easy to hire waterproofing, repair, or other renovation services at this time of the year. You will not have to wait for long to get your work done.

In addition, to getting the waterproofing done quickly you will also have the option to select the dates that suit you the best.

Helps Mold Removal

  • waterproof your basement in winterIn winters there is not only less moisture in the ground but also the humidity level is quite lower. There is no better time to get rid of any mold that may have developed in the damp spaces. The treatment will be more effective and less product will be needed when the mold is not actively blooming.

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