5 Practical Reasons for Waterproofing Your Basement

Learn from experts the reasons for waterproofing your basement

Did you know that 3 out of 5 homeowners in the USA have complained about basement flooding in 2020? This is because very few people actually get their basement waterproofed. A waterproofed basement can save you from a lot of trouble, costly repairs, and a host of issues. Read here below about 5 practical reasons for waterproofing your basement.

Keep Your Foundations Safe From Cracks

  • Basement waterproofing is essential for keeping the foundation safe from cracks and damage. Water in the basement can wreak havoc on the structure of the house, thus resulting in severe damage and risk of severe injury for its occupants. An inadequately waterproofed basement will allow water to not only seep inside but will prevent water from drying thus resulting in moist walls and floors.

Waterproofing the basement involves several inspections to identify the root cause of flooding, and then taking measures to prevent water damage. The most common way to prevent foundation damage is to install a good drainage system in the basement and in the yard. It helps to move water away from the basement. Similarly, a sump pump can be used. If your foundation has been affected by water, a foundation repair will cost you thousands of dollars.

Minimize Health Risks & Hazards

  • Water in the basement causes an increase in humidity and moisture. A dark humid environment is most favorable for mold and fungus to thrive. According to the CDC, these are serious health risks and can trigger a variety of issues for the people such as asthma, lung disease, breathing difficulties, and allergies. If treatment is delayed, these conditions can worsen and can even be fatal.

It is very important to waterproof a basement so that such health risks can be minimized. To prevent fungus and mold from growing, most homeowners use humidistat fans, install windows in their basements to allow direct sunlight and for ventilation of fresh air.

Increase The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home

  • If the basement isn’t waterproofed, it will make your ventilation and heating system work twice as hard to maintain the home’s temperature. During the summers it will be wet and warm, whereas during the winters it will be colder than normal. If there are cracks in the foundations and basement walls, it will be even more difficult for the HVAC system to maintain the house’s temperature.

A waterproofed basement works to insulate your home, thus minimizing thermal losses. Therefore, energy and utility bills are also lowered.

Raise Your Home’s Market Value

  • reasons for waterproofing your basementA recent realtor’s survey revealed that while having a finished basement raised the value of a home, a waterproofed basement raised it even further. Therefore, think of waterproofing as an investment opportunity that you can reap when you sell your home. Most buyers would actually prefer to buy a home that has a waterproofed basement, as they would like to spend their days worry-free in their new home.

Waterproofing your basement also provides protection against foundation damage and security for your house. It gives you a safe space to stay during emergencies and can be used as a guest room if you have many people visiting you from a different city.

Protect Your Finished Basement

  • Most homeowners realize the importance of a finished basement. They know that a finished basement can substantially raise their home’s market value and that it gives them extra space in their home.

Basement finishing is a very costly project, even if it is done as a DIY project. A fully waterproofed basement ensures that the finished basement does not get affected by water, moisture, and humidity. It helps to protect the finished basement from damage thus keeping your investment safe.

If you have a basement that needs waterproofing, then give us a call at 877-727-2259. We, at Crack-X, are a civil structures repair and basement waterproofing company operating in Maine and New Hampshire. Our specialists will inspect your property to determine the condition of your basement. We will help you with basement waterproofing so that you can start your basement finishing project with peace of mind.

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