How to Seal a Basement Bulkhead Door?

Learn to seal a basement bulkhead door like a pro

There are a number of practical methods used to seal the basement bulkhead door. In this article, we discuss them all in detail.

Before discussing the methods, let us walk you through the basics of the basement bulkhead door and the need to repair and seal it:

Basement bulkhead doors are used to protect the basement from rainwater and other damages.
Bulkhead doors often fail to function or develop gaps over a period of time.
Sealing the basement bulkhead door is always the right option to protect your basement from any damage.
There are different methods available to seal a basement bulkhead door. Three proven methods to seal your basement bulkhead door are: 

Through rubber stripping
Installing Bilco doors
Using a concrete sealant

Methods to Seal your Basement Bulkhead Door

Some useful methods are listed below:

Weather Stripping

Different types of weather strippings are available depending upon the size of the gaps in your door, the look of the materials on your door, and the installation. Rubber weather stripping seals are a good option. Rubber weather strips can easily be customized according to your needs so it is a preferred method.

TRIM-LOK Ribbed Rectangle Rubber Seal

This rubber seal by TRIM-LOK is a highly rated product on Amazon. It is durable and long-lasting and comes in many different sizes to cater to all your needs for sealing the bulkhead door. Another benefit of this seal is that it is completely weather resistant and will ensure that no unwanted elements enter your basement. According to some reviews, this seal might be difficult to install, but it helps in keeping water out.

Duck Brand Self Adhesive

Duck brand adhesive is useful if you are looking forward to covering huge gaps. Installation is quick and easy since it does not require extra tools and adhesives. A Knife and a pair of scissors are all that you need to cut it and fit it accordingly. There are a lot of positive reviews about it including how it prevents unwanted leaks and keeps away all unwanted noises and debris.

Yotache Foam Weather Stripping Tape

This is yet another highly recommended product used to seal your bulkhead door. It comes in different sizes and lengths making it easy for you to choose according to your need. This product comes with two rolls of tape that equate to 13ft in length. It can easily be cut and bent to shape. It is double-enforced with the help of strong grid adhesive backing.

seal a basement bulkhead door


Bilco Door

This product is useful and highly recommended for those of you who have doors that need a lot of repair work to be done on their doors. Various Bilco models are available in different designs. These weathertight doors are easy to assemble. If the damage cannot be contained by rubber seals, then Bilco Door is the right choice and you should not think twice before getting it.

Concrete Sealant

In this method, a concrete sealant is used to seal your basement bulkhead door. After locating all the cracks and gaps in your door, you can go for this method. In order to apply the concrete sealant, it is necessary to check if the surface is dry and free of any debris as well as the weather conditions. If you are looking for some top-quality concrete sealant on Amazon, Siloxa-Tek 8500 Concrete Sealant is the right one to go for. It is climate resistant.

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