DIY vs Professional – Which is The Better Option for Finishing A Basement? Part I

Here are tips and reliable options for finishing a basement

A basement finishing project costs a lot of money, which is why many people opt to complete it as a DIY project. In our first installment of this article, we will cover the top 3 pros and cons of a DIY basement finishing project. Read about them below.

Here are our picks for the top 3 pros of a DIY basement finishing project.


  • Finishing your basement as a DIY project is going to help you save up on labor and contractor costs. Usually, when a person hires a contractor, they have a list of preferred suppliers and want you to purchase everything from them. This prevents you from checking out the prices in the market and comparing with this supplier.

With a DIY project, the money that you save can be put to better use elsewhere. You can buy better flooring, better furniture, and install add-ons that previously weren’t affordable for you.

Involve Friends & Family

  • Most homeowners work on their basement finishing projects by involving their friends and family. This has two major benefits. First, it gives you a lot of cheap labor who won’t mind helping you out with your project. You can give them each a bottle of beer or treat them to dinner.

The second benefit is that you can expect to receive everyone’s opinion and advice regarding your project. Maybe one of your friends recently finished their own basement and they can offer valuable advice on how to finish yours.

Follow Your Own Pace

  • Since you are finishing your basement as a DIY project, you are free to set your own timetable and follow your own pace.

If your schedule allows, you can work overtime and complete your basement finishing project sooner. Most labor and contractors charge an extra amount if they are asked to work overtime.

  • DIY basement finishing comes with some cons as well. Based on our experience, here are the top 3 cons of DIY basement finishing.

Unexpected Costs

  • There are a lot of costs associated with a basement finishing project that can range from building permits, waterproofing, foundation repair, plumbing leakage, HVAC works, electrical works, and unexpected equipment purchases.

It is absolutely necessary to make sure that your basement is in a good condition for the finishing project to start, otherwise, you run the risk of letting your investment go to waste.

Foundation Repair Issues

finishing a basement

  • The biggest reason for most basements being unsuitable for a finishing project is foundation damage. This damage is not necessarily a result of a natural disaster such as a hurricane or an earthquake. Sometimes, this happens simply due to weathering effects and due to the age of the house.

Having cracks in your basement floors can allow water to seep through, and into your basement causing flooding. A damaged foundation can also cause your house to sink from one side. Foundation repair is something that cannot be done as a DIY therefore it is necessary to hire a professional service.

Waterproofing Issues

  • A basement that has not been waterproofed will create problems for your finishing project. Water can enter the basement from a variety of sources, and since the basement is below ground level its natural humidity level will most likely be higher.

A highly humid basement not only ruins walls, flooring, furniture but also promotes the growth of mold that can cause breathing issues. It is very important to hire a waterproofing company that can adequately waterproof your basement so that you can begin your finishing project.

If you are considering starting your own basement finishing project, give us a call at 877-727-2259. We, at Crack-X, are a professional civil structures repair company operating in Maine and New Hampshire. Our specialists will inspect your property and give you the best advice regarding your basement’s suitability for a finishing project.

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