Epoxy Flooring Common Misconceptions Debunked

Here are some epoxy flooring common misconceptions that Crack-X experts exposed

Every home and business needs flooring that looks good and lasts long without requiring frequent repairs. With its low maintenance and durability, epoxy flooring helps you achieve this. Unlike cement, epoxy flooring is resilient to oil, debris, and chemicals.

Epoxy Coating

  • Epoxy coating is the perfect way to protect your garage floor from the effects of winter. It is the most formidable and most effective form of available coatings for winterizing garage floors. The coating seals the porous concrete and prevents the floors from abrasion, water, and chemical damage.

Epoxy coatings are affordable and add a visual appeal to the garage floor. But it’s easy to clean and gives a beautiful finish to the floor.

Common Misconceptions

Some people feel reluctant to install epoxy coatings because of misconceptions. Read on to find out the most common misconceptions about epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Floors Need Regular Reapplication

  • Whether you decide to install epoxy in your garage or office, it does not require frequent reapplications. Epoxy is one of the most durable floor coatings available. It can last for up to a decade when applied by professionals.

The surface of an epoxy-coated floor can withstand wear and tear from heavy machinery, vehicle traffic, and foot traffic. In fact, with proper maintenance and care, it can last for longer without requiring any repairs.

Epoxy Floors Are Slippery

  • Epoxy has a more significant slip and skid resistance than other floor coatings. Epoxy flooring has raised bumps on its surface that help prevent slips. For this reason, an epoxy floor is an intelligent option for hospitals, offices, and industrial buildings, posing slip and fall risks.

Epoxy Floor Coatings Are Expensive

  • Epoxy is a valuable investment that offers several benefits at its price. While other floor coating options may be cheap but they require frequent maintenance. Selecting these options results in more expensive repairs over time. On the other hand, epoxy is a worthwhile investment as it offers a superior level of durability.

Epoxy Is The Same As Paint

  • Although epoxy might look a lot like paint when installed, it is very different from paint. The paint fails to protect the concrete surface from abrasion and staining. Epoxy bonds with the concrete to form a non-volatile and resistant surface. When professionally installed, epoxy flooring withstands all types of wear and tear without being damaged.

Epoxy Is A DIY Project

  • Epoxy coating installation is a challenging process that requires professional experience and expertise. Since it hardens quickly, epoxy must be installed correctly to last longer. Professionals use special techniques to prepare the concrete surface. On the other hand, DIY epoxy floors quickly become pale and dull.

Maintenance Tips

  • Follow these tips to increase the lifespan of your epoxy floors.

Quickly Clean The Spills

  • If you have epoxy flooring in the garage, oil spillage is a potential risk factor. Clean the spilled oil quickly using a non-abrasive cleaner. Don’t let it stay for long; otherwise, it will cause permanent stains on the floor.

Gently Scrub The Stains

  • Some stains are tricky and challenging to remove with regular cleaning. They require scrubbing with a mop or a brush with soft bristles. Use warm water to ensure the stubborn stains are removed properly.

Place Floor Matsepoxy flooring common misconceptions

  • Floor mats are a wise idea to avoid dirt, grime, and grit from getting into the house and sticking to the floor. Wipe the bottom of the shoes on the mat before stepping into the house. Wash the mat regularly, so the old dirt is not tracked in with the shoes.

Do not let your budget hold you back from getting your garage floor repaired and coated. At Crack-X, we provide cost-effective installation of epoxy floor coating. Call us at 877-727-2259 for expert solutions to prevent structural damage. We are operating in Maine and New Hampshire.

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