5 Easy Tips For Choosing The Right Epoxy Color For Your Floor

Here are 5 tips for choosing the right epoxy color for your floor

Although choosing a color for your floor may seem like a small detail, it can be overwhelming. This is because epoxy is available in a variety of colors. The color and finish you choose have a great deal of impact on the aesthetics of your floor and place. Here are a few things to help you select the right epoxy color.

Think About Your Goal

  • When you are choosing an epoxy floor, the place where you are putting the floor and the rest of the space matters a lot. Thinking about the use and what you expect the space to look like once the project is finished can help you select the perfect epoxy finish or color for the floor.

The personal use garage is going to need a different epoxy color than a professional space that gets a lot of clients. To get an idea it is wise to spend some time looking at the colors of epoxy flooring in a space similar to yours.

Consider Project Goal

  • The ultimate goal for the project should also be considered when choosing an epoxy color. For instance, if you are installing a new epoxy floor in your sleek and professional office, a bold color or shiny finish may not give off the impression you want. The materials and choices you make will define your space’s design and feel.

Select A Color Based On Light

  • Depending on how you want your place to look, choose a color that compliments the space. In places that are too bright or receive direct sunlight, refrain from using metallic concrete sealers. This is important because they cause the light to reflect, thus making the floor give off a blinding light.

However, in places that lack adequate lighting, light colors are ideal for the floor. Light colors reflect natural light thereby causing your space to look more prominent and bright. This is also helpful in eliminating the need for more lights to brighten up the space.

Consider The Maintenance Needs

  • Maintenance of epoxy floor is another factor that should be considered while choosing the color. For instance, dirt becomes more visible on light-colored epoxy floors. For this reason, the floors with light colors require frequent and heavy maintenance. Light colors require the homeowners to set aside sufficient time for cleaning the floor now and then.

Choosing a light color is advisable if you have enough time for keeping it clean. Otherwise, go for a darker color as they do not require intensive treatment or frequent cleaning to look good.

Pick A Color Based On The Use

  • epoxy colorConsidering the use of space while choosing the color can help make the choice easier. If you are planning to install epoxy flooring in the garage that is used for car parking, always choose a dark color that can mask the grease and tire marks. The ideal choice of color in this case would be black or slate.

The color of the epoxy floor should be closer to the color of sawdust in the case of the woodwork. This is essential for disguising the dust and making the garage look less messy after work. A light-colored garage floor would be good if you live in a place near the beach with light-colored sand.

Choose A Color That Complements Your Home

  • When considering the ideal epoxy color for the garage, choose the one that matches the rest of your house. This will make your house and garage look connected. Although it may not always be easy to find the matching color, whatever color you choose should complement the house paints. This will not only enhance the curb appeal but also increase the potential sale value of your house.

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