Crack Repair In Winter

Planning Foundation Crack Repair

There are certain things we don’t even think about doing during a cold winter:

  • Playing baseball
  • Hanging out at the beach
  • Painting the exterior of our home

What about repairing a crack in the foundation of our home?

IS Winter A Good Time To Fix Foundtion Cracks?

Maybe we’re selling our home and the inspection report has revealed some cracks.Or perhaps we want to finish our basement and want the peace of mind that our efforts won’t be ruined by water.Maybe water has already been entering our basement during heavy rains or snow thaw.

Is winter a good time to fix foundation cracks? Or is it seasonal?

Winter is actually the preferred time to repair foundation cracks.


Because freezing temperatures cause concrete to contract.As it does,it opens up any cracks or gaps to their maximum width.Using a urethane injection process from the inside of the basement seals a crack from top to bottom and front to back.Once the weather warms,the concrete expands causing the filled crack to tighten up and make the repair even more effective.

Some do not think of crack repair being done in the winter because they imagine it being done from the outside.To reach the entire crack from the outside,the ground needs to be dug out down to the footing.This is difficult or impossible in the winter due to frozen soil.Even in warmer weather,injecting cracks from the inside is the preferred method since it requires less labor(digging by hand or using an excavator on the outside) and,therefore,less cost.

Repairing cracks from the outside should only be done when absolutely necessary.Perhaps the basement is finished and the homeowner doesn’t want the drywall or paneling to be disturbed.Or maybe there is an obstruction inside that cannot be moved(an oil burner,water tank,etc.).

Another advantage of crack repair in the winter is that basement waterproofing companies tend to be less busy at that time.They can provide faster repairs and immediate service.This avoids waiting for help in the spring when your basement has already become flooded.

At Crack-X,we repair foundation cracks year-round.Our injection process is just as effective whether it’s summer or winter or dry or wet…and it includes a ten year,transferable warranty!

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