Day: September 8, 2020

Is There Moisture in Your Basement?

Why Does My Basement smell Musty? Usually, it’s the smell that hits you first when there’s moisture in your basement. The smell of mold, mildew, and stale air. You notice the difference when you open the door to the basement and walk down the stairs. There may be other signs as well: Standing water on the floor

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When Is a Foundation Crack a Structural Concern?

How serious Are the Cracks In Your Foundation? Is the foundation of your home in jeopardy? Replacing a foundation can cost up to $40,000(Ouch!). So obviously no one wants to get to that point… Any cracks can be troubling. At the very least, they can let in insects (termites can get in through a crack as

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Waterproofing Your Bulkhead

Why Bulkhead Waterproofing is super important this summer Why Is My Bulkhead Leaking? Your bulkhead is a valuable component of your home. It allows you and others to walk in and out of your basement without having to go through the nicer, cleaner areas of your home upstairs. If work needs to be done in

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Crack Repair In Winter

Planning Foundation Crack Repair There are certain things we don’t even think about doing during a cold winter: Playing baseball Hanging out at the beach Painting the exterior of our home What about repairing a crack in the foundation of our home? IS Winter A Good Time To Fix Foundtion Cracks? Maybe we’re selling our

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