3 Basement Waterproofing Methods You Should Know About

Basement waterproofing methods demystified – Learn the best techniques to keep your home dry

A wet basement is a nightmare that exposes your property to structural damage and increases health concerns for your family. While different basement waterproofing methods are used in different states, It is crucial to understand which method works best for your home. The basement waterproofing method is typically chosen depending on the soil types and climates. Read here about the commonly used basement waterproofing methods.

Interior Waterproofing

  • The waterproofing done on the inside of the structure is easiest and much more affordable than any changes you make outside. This is often done when the water has already affected a basement. Therefore, it is a common practice to focus waterproofing efforts on the inside of a basement by ensuring cracks in the basement walls and floors are sealed and watertight. Specific waterproof sealants are applied to fill cracks effectively.

In addition, a vapor barrier is added before finishing the basement. This helps keep the moisture and humidity at a minimum level. Another way to strengthen the existing waterproofing methods is sump pumps. Sump pumps help remove the water that has already gotten into the basement. These interior waterproofing methods effectively keep the basement clean and dry regardless of your state.

Exterior Waterproofing

  • Sometimes, the root of the wet basement lies outside the home. Exterior waterproofing is an expensive investment that involves digging out a home’s foundation. It includes excavation and polymer injections applied to a basement’s exterior walls. This helps keep the basement waterproof. In addition, installing proper gutter systems also helps direct rainwater away from the foundation of your home. However, if they are incorrectly installed, they can direct the water towards your foundation instead of away from it.

Moreover, clogged gutters will also drain water close to your foundation. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining your gutters is crucial to ensure they work properly. Install proper downspouts that direct water away from your home. Exterior waterproofing is necessary for areas that receive frequent heavy rainfall. It is the most effective method of basement waterproofing. However, it may not always be feasible due to high costs and other factors. It is advisable to consult a professional contractor when considering exterior waterproofing methods.

Effective Drainage Systems

  • basement waterproofing methodsEffective drainage is crucial to stop moisture-related issues in your basement. Ensuring proper drainage around your home helps keep your basement dry. These drainage systems divert groundwater, or rainwater, away from your home’s foundation. In addition, various drainage options are available to manage water effectively around your property. However, evaluating the soil surrounding your house is important, as different soil types drain differently. First, ensure your home is surrounded by soil that facilitates easy drainage and doesn’t retain excess moisture.

Check if the slope of the ground around your foundation is sloped away from it, not toward it. Installing a sump pump may become necessary to collect water from the interior and pump it away from the basement. Additionally, it’s crucial to install drainage systems designed to function even during power outages. Installing a sump pump or other interior drainage systems can be a significant project requiring professional guidance. Consult an expert to ensure your basement remains dry and protected against water issues.

Takeaway Note

Take charge of your property’s well-being and invest in the right basement waterproofing method to avoid potential problems. Knowledge about basement waterproofing methods can help you take prompt action to create a safer and more resilient living space for you and your family.

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