5 Telltale Signs of Structural Damage of A Property

Here is a checklist and 5 major signs of structural damage of a property

Quite often most cracks don’t pose a real threat to your house’s structural integrity. If you spot a crack early on, notice that it doesn’t progress further and doesn’t widen then you are safe from any serious damage. However, not all cracks are safe. Some cracks are warning signs for serious structural damage to your house. Let us look at the 5 telltale signs that point to structural damage of a property below.

Foundation Cracks

  • One of the most common reasons for structural damage can be attributed to foundation and wall cracks. These appear due to seasonal changes, extreme weather conditions, inadequate waterproofing, vegetation planted too close to the house, as well as insufficient routine maintenance and repairs. If the foundations were built with concrete, brick, and masonry then several hairline cracks can appear which will worsen with time.

A regular inspection of basements and crawl spaces will help you detect a problem early on. If you notice hairline cracks between bricks then they shouldn’t be a cause of concern for you. Some cracks if fixed on time can prevent structural damage, such as cracks on L-shaped foundations. Horizontal cracks on the foundations are the most worrisome. A horizontal crack means that water and soil are seeping into the foundation, which is further weakening your house’s structure. It is advised to consult a professional repair company to regularly inspect your home’s foundations so that problems if they exist, can be fixed on time.

Stuck Doors & Windows

  • If you notice that suddenly your doors and windows are getting stuck, and it is incredibly difficult to move them, then it is a sure shot sign of structural damage to your house. When the foundation settles, the ground becomes uneven and as a result, the floors and the walls lose their alignment. This causes the doors and windows to get stuck.

First, you should inspect the exterior walls of your house and see if you can find any cracks. Observe each corner of the wall to see if it is sloping, curving, or leaning. If so, then contact a structures repair company and ask them to conduct a thorough assessment of your house.

Curving Interior Walls

  • If you notice that the interior walls of your house are curving and leaning, then it points to a serious structural defect in your house. This problem should be rectified immediately otherwise it can lead to serious damage to your house.

A leaning wall is unable to hold the load, and your roof may even collapse. Sometimes, a simple reinforcement of the walls, joists, beams, and partitions might solve this problem.

Wall Cracks Around Doors & Windows

  • signs of structural damage of a propertyDamage due to moisture, foundation cracks, water seepage, and soil shifting can appear as cracks around doors and windows. These cracks should never be ignored and must be dealt with as soon as possible. If these cracks worsen, they may cause a complete collapse of that specific area of the house, causing further damage to your home. If the wall is load-bearing, you will notice diagonal cracks especially from the corners of the door frames and windows.

Although some cracks are naturally occurring, and pose no real damage to your house. It is imperative to regularly check the cracks, to see if they are widening and progressing or staying the same. Usually, hairline cracks that are smaller than 5mm, and don’t progress or widen shouldn’t be a source of any damage to your home.

Sloping Floors & Roofs

  • If the water table in your area is high, and you did not invest enough in waterproofing your basement you will notice the floors and roofs slope and sag. This is a common problem in most older-built homes and needs to be addressed immediately.

While a sloping and sagging floor is due to water seepage due to inadequate waterproofing measures, a roof’s sagging and sloping can be a result of multiple factors. If these problems are fixed in time, then you won’t have to worry about a hefty repair bill afterward.

If you’ve recently noticed some unexplainable cracks and are worried about your house’s structural integrity then waste no time and call us at 877-727-2259. We, at Crack-X, are a leading civil structures repair company operating in Maine and New Hampshire. Our specialists will inspect your property and give you a long-lasting solution for your problem.

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