Protect Your Basement Man Cave!

So you’ve put a lot of thought into what you want for your man cave.

You’ve decided whether you want it to be a personal space or a social space.You’ve figured out what the general theme is – whether it’s a theater,a bar,a music studio,an exercise area,or a memorabilia showcase.Maybe it’s just a recliner, a television, and a fridge for beer.

What should you do before you start pouring your time and money into it?

Protect it!

Specifically, make sure you basement is waterproofed.

Moisture and water issues can destroy carpets, flooring, walls, and the valuable items we’ve selected for our man cave. Not only that, moisture and water issues create an unhealthy environment.If we can’t stand the smell in our basement or feel allergic and lousy when we’re there – odds are we(and our friends) won’t want to spend much time there.

What can you do?

Look for signs of moisture, water intrusion, and insect infiltration. Are there white mineral deposits(efflorescence) on the walls? This is a sign that moisture is working its way through our poured concrete walls.Are there cracks in the walls or floor? Even if there are no signs of moisture now, cracks can widen over time and begin to allow water and insects in.You don’t want to have to worry about that.


1)  Get any cracks in the wall and floor repaired by a professional. At CRACK-X, we use an injection process of urethane or epoxy to seal cracks. Our repair includes a ten year, transferable warranty.

2)  Have the walls and floor waterproofed by the application of a penetrating,concrete sealer. This sealer gets into the pores of the concrete, crystallizes and bonds to it, forming an impenetrable barrier against moisture. We provide a ten year,transferable warranty against moisture when we apply this sealer.

Putting the work in before finishing your basement and creating your man cave is wise. You won’t have to worry about it getting destroyed by moisture and insect intrusion.You can also trust that it will be an environment that’s healthy and enjoyable to hang out in. So let’s get started!

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