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When you live in an area with extreme weather conditions like New Hampshire, you often have to worry about how that weather will take a toll on your house. These intense weather conditions can destroy your beautiful home if the proper precautions are not taken. There are a lot of places in the house that are especially susceptible to damage if they are not properly protected. One of these places is your basement doorway entry. Basements entries often bear the brunt of these intense weather conditions.

More specifically your basement bulkhead doors… also commonly called hatchways or cellar doors.


Go ahead! Go take a look at yours. I would almost guarantee the cement is cracking or crumbling, the seals are rotted out and leaking, I would almost bet the safety latches are no longer functioning properly as well. Imagine one of those doors slamming down shut on you by accident! Been there, done that!

Our team of Certified Bilco Installers know exactly what to look for and how to fix these problems!

Our Expert Basement Bulkhead Door Installers

If you have a faulty or an old bulkhead basement door, water can easily seep in and damage your foundation as well as belongings. This can cause a variety of problems including, mold growth, water damage, even allowing for poor energy efficiency.

Maybe you have a bulkhead door installed for your basement already and didn’t even realize that is what it’s called? Well to simply put it, a bulkhead door is a type of door which is normally installed at the top of the stairs that lead to the exterior of the basement.

These doors are normally angled across the opening of your basement and are placed on the exterior side of the basement to block any water or snow from getting in. We know what you might be thinking, how would you find a company that is both trustworthy and has decades of experience in door installation and repairs in the New Hampshire region? Well, you need not look any further.

We here at Crack-X have been installing and repairing bulkhead doors in the New Hampshire area for the past thirty-six years. Our team of experts will make sure that your door is properly installed so that you can protect all your belongings from water seepage and other damage and by doing so turn your basement into a warm and livable space.

before-after-bulkhead-repair-nh (1)Benefits of Using a Bulkhead Door

  • In the past, people often left their basements unfinished. Their basements simply consisted of dirt floors and had no appeal and charm to them. That is why they did not require any care or precautionary measures. But nowadays most basements are usually fully finished, furnished and well-designed.
  • In order to keep your basement safe and protected from extreme weather conditions and make your entrance compliant and up to date with today’s building safety codes in NH, you need to install amenities like bulkhead doors.

These doors are used in both old and new homes all across the Northeastern United States, especially New Hampshire. Bulkhead doors are becoming more and more popular because of how reliable and durable they are. In addition to being robust and sturdy, these doors offer a plethora of benefits some of which are discussed below.


Safety Issues

  • First and foremost bulkhead doors are an ideal choice for home owners all across New Hampshire because they make sure that your basements are in compliance with the building safety codes. The building safety code in New Hampshire states that all basements should have an easy way out in case of an emergency.
  • The outward motion and design of the bulkhead door provides you with a swift and smooth escape in case of a disaster or an emergency. In addition to being code-compliant these doors are also very safe and secure.

Security Concerns

  • Older basement doors were easy to pry open which made it easier for criminals to break into your house. The new bulkhead doors come equipped with the latest locks which makes it impossible for burglars to break into your house and because of this all your belongings and valuables will be safe.


  • Another advantage of bulkhead doors is that they are durable and cost-effective. These doors are designed and built to last for a long time and because of this they don’t require much maintenance. These doors also come with the added feature of airtight sealant which means that they help keep the heat in your home and thus saving you a huge chunk of change on energy bills every year.

Weather Resistant

  • Finally and most importantly all the bulkhead doors are designed to be weather resistant. For areas with North East weather these doors are specially designed to be slightly submerged into the ground which makes them immune to natural disasters like high rains and floods.

All of these benefits make it crystal clear that bulkhead doors are the way to go if you want to keep your house and all your precious possessions safe.

Bulkhead Door Installation & Repair Services

  • We here at Crack-X have a team of professionals that have been installing Bilco® bulkhead doors since 1985. We offer all our customers a full evaluation service where our experts help and guide you to make sure that you end up getting a bulkhead door that is best suited for your needs. We have a wide range of doors that come in a variety of materials which gives you a lot of options to choose from when you are looking for your next basement door.

Furthermore, if you are looking to get your older Bilco® basement doors repaired or replaced then one of our experts will take a look at your door and examine it for you and if a repair is possible then we will do it at a price that you will not get anywhere else in New Hampshire.

Furthermore, Our staff consists of experienced professionals that pride themselves on their high-quality standards, fast delivery time, economical prices and friendly service. Our key objective is customer satisfaction which means that we will do everything in our power to make sure that you get everything you need. So, if you are looking to buy and install a new bulkhead door, get your old door repaired or for a bulkhead door evaluation, you can contact us today.

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