Top 5 Ways To Maintain House Foundations

Read below to learn 5 useful ways to maintain house foundations

Foundation is an integral part of a home on which the stability of the entire structure depends. Issues with the foundation can cause the whole structure to crumble down. It is important to know the early signs of foundational issues so that underlying issues can be addressed. Continue reading to learn some practical tips that help protect the foundation of your home.

Maintain A Consistent Moisture Level

  • Soil expands and contracts as the moisture level changes. Do not allow the soil around your foundation to become excessively wet. Because expansion and contraction of soil build pressure which causes the foundation to crack or cave in. Maintaining a consistent moisture level will help prevent several water-related damages.

Sometimes foundational cracks occur when the clay-rich soil dries out and contracts. The best way to prevent this is to keep the soil sufficiently moist. The foundation that is laid on uneven ground can sink in or settle over time. Therefore, it is crucial to level the ground on which the foundation is being laid.

Foundation Drainage System

  • When the property is not properly sloped, water can gather around the foundation. This causes the foundation to rise above its intended position leading to a phenomenon called an upheaval. Accumulation of excess water around the foundation for longer periods can result in upheaval.

Correcting The Drainage Issues

  • Gutters should be efficient enough to discharge the water during heavy rain. Regularly inspect the downspouts for blockages to allow water to discharge properly. If drainage issues are found, it is better to have surface or sub-surface drains installed. This would help correct the drainage system, thereby, protecting your foundation and property from water damage.

Inspect For Cracks and Insects

  • It pays to look around your foundation once in a while particularly in summers to check for any indications of trouble. Insects and bugs can speed up the process of deterioration. Plug any holes and cracks to stop the activity of trailing insects. Check the crawlspace for signs of mold, mildew, and moisture especially in the case of pier and beam foundation.

If you notice cracks in the foundation it’s always best to hire a professional to inspect it. Cracks and fractures in the foundation are easier to repair when they are small. Once the cracks become large they endanger the stability of the whole house.

Plant Trees Away From The Foundation

  • maintain house foundationsTrees need water for growth and nourishment. As trees grow, their massive roots suck the water out of the soil, thereby, leaving it dry. This process of transpiration can damage the foundation. A large tree can absorb 150 gallons of water from the soil in one day. Therefore, it is crucial to plant trees at a considerable distance from the property.

When you plan on adding a tree to your landscape it is better to know the anticipated root size and moisture requirements of the tree under consideration. Planting the trees at an adequate distance from the foundation can eliminate the risk of structural collapses.

Plumbing Leaks

  • Another important tip to maintain a strong foundation is to schedule yearly inspections to check plumbing leaks. Leaks that occur in sewer lines, freshwater lines, sprinkler systems, and other parts of the plumbing system can cause trouble in the long run. If a plumbing leak is suspected, have a licensed plumber fix the issue for you.

If you detect any issues in your foundation, call us today at 877-727-2259. Our experts from Crack-X will assess the damage and provide necessary repairs. Crack-X is a structural repair company located in Maine and New Hampshire.

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