Top 5 Epoxy Flooring Design Options Of 2023

Here is the list of the best 5 epoxy flooring design options

Epoxy is a unique and standard flooring option for residential and industrial settings. As the popularity of epoxy coating is growing, creative and unique flooring design options are popping up in the market. Furthermore, technological innovations have expanded the use of epoxy coatings, which can now be used in various colors and patterns.

In this article, we have highlighted the most popular epoxy flooring design options of 2023.

Epoxy Terrazzo

  • Epoxy terrazzo is an excellent flooring design that can turn any flooring project into a work of art. It is available in brilliant colors and beautiful patterns. Additionally, the colors and patterns can be customized to suit the aesthetic and space needs. Epoxy terrazzo is ideal for creating a classic look in indoor spaces.

It can also enhance the look of outdoor spaces. For instance, it can be used in a combination of colors to create an appealing floor next to a swimming pool. Epoxy terrazzo floors are highly durable and resistant to chemicals and stains. Moreover, they can take a fair amount of impact and are also amenable to wear and tear.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

  • Metallic epoxy is a suitable design option if you create highly sophisticated and straightforward flooring in your residential or commercial space. This epoxy-covered concrete is cost-effective and offers endless customizable design options. In addition, epoxy flooring with a metallic design works well for spaces that experience high and low foot traffic.

Since metallic epoxy flooring requires minimal maintenance and upkeep, it is ideal for kitchen floors in residential settings. Its metallic appearance mimics the appearance of authentic marble floors. Unique designs, such as ripples, fire, water movement, etc., pop out and look stylish. The aesthetics created by three-dimensional metallic epoxy flooring is matchless.

Glitter Epoxy Designs

  • Add metallic flakes to epoxy coating if you want a floor with a bit of shimmer and shine. Metallic flakes are available in various colors, adding more dimension to your flooring design. For futuristic aesthetics, holographic and iridescent options are also available. However, the size of the metallic flakes influences the glittering effect. For instance, larger chips reflect light differently than smaller metallic flakes.

In addition, angles of lighting also affect the shine of the floor. Adding glitters to epoxy coatings delivers a floor with a subtle shine. If you prefer a sheen rather than an extravagant glittering effect, feature smaller and more refined flakes in your flooring. This can also be used for office floors. Given the right lighting effect, glitter epoxy designs can create a modern and warm ambiance in any space.

Textured Epoxy Floors

  • Textured epoxy floors are a standard flooring option for kitchens or areas prone to water spillage, grease, oil, lubricants, etc. In addition, adding a little texture to epoxy flooring gives it an anti-skid or anti-slip surface.

The most popular texture options include vinyl chips, sand particles, quartz, and more. In addition, various color options are available in these textures. This allows you to select any design and color based on your preference.


  • epoxy flooring design optionsDividers and plain chips are unique and aesthetic epoxy flooring solutions. Dividers made of either plastic or colored metal can be used to create a striking epoxy floor. In addition, these embellishments function as accents to your floor. Therefore, experimenting with all design options is a great idea to create epoxy flooring that stands out.

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