Basement Ventilation

For homes with basements, semi-basements or crawl spaces. Your Humidex Digital Ventilation System reduces or eliminates:

Your Humidex unit is:


Basement Ventilation

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    Humidex air ventilation units are designed to reduce the moisture and the humidity in an environment by means of air movement. Unlike a dehumidifier that condenses the air and collects water the Humidex drys out the basement by allowing the heavier air to drop naturally into you basement and then be sucked out by the Humidex and expelled to the outside. Humidex units work ideally when homes have central air in the main house or they have air conditioning units upstairs running during the extremely humid days. As the air is conditioned by the A/C units the heavy air will drop and settle in the basement where it will be sucked out through the Humidex to the exterior.

    Humidex is designed to be maintenance free with no water to collect and actually runs on under 40 watts of electricity. The unit has a humidistat that is set and just left to allow for the unit to turn on and off as needed. If you experience a musty basement then humidex is your solution.

    Did you know? Up to 50% air we breathe comes from our basements, so help your family be protected by reversing that process and watch the toxic air be expelled to the outside.

    A word to the wise, if you do not use a/c during the humid summer months and rather open windows then the Humidex is not the solution for you.

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