Concrete Repair & Restoration

Cracked crumbling and uneven concrete result in a loss of functionality and create safety concerns

Although concrete is a strong material it does not last forever. Environmental stresses such as moisture, soil movement  and everyday wear and tear make it It is vulnerable to a variety of problems Including:

COncrete Resurfacing Recent Projects

The latest, most advanced, concrete repair technology

Removing and replacing concrete remains the primary approach companies use to correct damaged surfaces. We provide a better more sustainable solution.

Surface top Coating & Waterproofing

One product solution for both resurface coating & waterproofing protection. This protection creates a thin surface that is extremely resistant to water and chemical intrusion, which can breakdown concrete increasing durability and use life.


Superior adhesion and bond strength, that adheres to your existing concretes, top layer. Not only does this application waterproof, but it will also densify and strengthen the concrete.

Concrete Repair Applications

Our concrete products can be  applied to almost any concrete surface including the following list

Basement FLoor Project

Can be applied horizontally and vertically


Before & After Walkway Project

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