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causes of wet basement

5 Unknown Causes Of Wet Basement

Discover the unidentified causes of wet basement here, along with tips for keeping it dry Water can enter your basement through one or more of the several entry points. Whether it seeps in through foundation walls or the floor, water in the basement is always bad news. Even a little moisture can become a major

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garage floor coating options

Top 4 Garage Floor Coating Options

Find out which of the top 4 garage floor coating options can give your garage a more natural and orderly appearance Garage floors are exposed to everyday traffic, including vehicles and pedestrians. They take a constant beating from chemical spills, hot tires, automotive fluids, grease, and dirt. Therefore, it is essential to maintain and upgrade

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DIY foundation repair

The Truth About DIY Foundation Repair

Read about the benefits and drawbacks of DIY foundation repair The Foundation of a home plays a vital role in maintaining the durability of the entire structure. However, multiple factors can give rise to foundational problems over time. Regardless of how simple it may seem, never attempt to repair your foundation as a DIY project.

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applying epoxy coating

3 Practical Tips For Applying Epoxy Coating

Here are some tips for applying epoxy coating for a better look Whether it’s a garage or showroom at your business, the epoxy coating can spruce up the look of any floor. Epoxy floor coating provides several advantages regardless of where it is installed. Here are a few practical tips that should be kept in

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bowed basement walls

A Guide To Repairing Bowed Basement Walls

Here is a comprehensive guide to repairing bowed basement walls A valuable living space can be added to a home by making a few upgrades in a clean and dry basement. However, bowed walls can make it hard to finish a basement or turn it into a living space. In most instances, bowed walls need

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epoxy flooring common misconceptions

Epoxy Flooring Common Misconceptions Debunked

Here are some epoxy flooring common misconceptions that Crack-X experts exposed Every home and business needs flooring that looks good and lasts long without requiring frequent repairs. With its low maintenance and durability, epoxy flooring helps you achieve this. Unlike cement, epoxy flooring is resilient to oil, debris, and chemicals. Epoxy Coating Epoxy coating is

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foundations for commercial buildings

5 Commonly Used Foundations For Commercial Buildings

Here is the list of 5 top used foundations for commercial buildings Like the residential foundation, the commercial foundation relies on elements such as soil conditions and construction size. However, commercial foundations should have a greater load-bearing capacity and should be able to provide maximum stability for the building. Here are some common types of

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horizontal cracks

Understanding Causes And Risks Associated With Horizontal Cracks

Continue reading to learn about the causes and risks of horizontal cracks Cracks of different sizes and shapes can appear near the longer sections of the foundation including windows, walls, or floors. Different types of cracks require different repair techniques. Knowing what you are dealing with can help you fix it before the damage becomes

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benefits of water proofing your basement

5 Noteworthy Benefits Of Water Proofing Your Basement

Here are some significant benefits of water proofing your basement Basement waterproofing should be prioritized when home improvement is under consideration. A waterproofed basement can save homeowners from many inconveniences, including costly repairs and other issues. Read below about the five practical benefits of waterproofing your basement. Increase The Living Space A waterproofed basement gives

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