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epoxy flooring mistakes

5 Common Epoxy Flooring Mistakes And Tips To Avoid Them

A guide to avoiding typical epoxy flooring mistakes and ensuring a smooth installation Epoxy floor coating is one versatile solution for all your flooring problems. It gives an excellent and durable finish. However, mistakes during the installation of epoxy flooring can cause your epoxy flooring to fail. We have compiled a guide to common epoxy

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guide to maintenance of epoxy flooring

A Guide To Cleaning And Maintenance Of Epoxy Flooring

Here is the essential guide to maintenance of epoxy flooring to keep them looking great Epoxy flooring is known for its ease of cleaning and durability. However, with special care and maintenance, you can further extend the life of your epoxy flooring regardless of where it is installed. So whether it’s a garage floor, high-traffic

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guide to bulkhead door replacement

A Step By Step Guide To Bulkhead Door Replacement

Here is the complete step-by-step guide to bulkhead door replacement A bulkhead door is a structure that acts as an entrance from the outside of the basement to the inside. It creates easy access and allows bulky furniture or equipment transportation into the basement. A bulkhead door is a home’s exterior defense that should be

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keep your basement dry

5 Essential Tips To Keep Your Basement Dry

Learn a few hacks to keep your basement dry year-round Basements are susceptible to moisture, especially during summer and spring. In the rainy season, water can seep through cracks and cause damage to your foundation. Wet spots, moldy growth, and condensation on the basement walls indicate water leakage. We have put together essential tips to

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lifespan of epoxy flooring

5 Essential Factors That Influence The Lifespan Of Epoxy Flooring

Read here the important factors that impact the lifespan of epoxy flooring Epoxy flooring is an affordable way to enhance the beauty of your home. However, proper installation and routine maintenance are crucial to sustaining the epoxy flooring for as long as possible. Furthermore, the life of epoxy flooring is influenced by certain factors. Continue

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causes of wet basement

5 Unknown Causes Of Wet Basement

Discover the unidentified causes of wet basement here, along with tips for keeping it dry Water can enter your basement through one or more of the several entry points. Whether it seeps in through foundation walls or the floor, water in the basement is always bad news. Even a little moisture can become a major

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garage floor coating options

Top 4 Garage Floor Coating Options

Find out which of the top 4 garage floor coating options can give your garage a more natural and orderly appearance Garage floors are exposed to everyday traffic, including vehicles and pedestrians. They take a constant beating from chemical spills, hot tires, automotive fluids, grease, and dirt. Therefore, it is essential to maintain and upgrade

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DIY foundation repair

The Truth About DIY Foundation Repair

Read about the benefits and drawbacks of DIY foundation repair The Foundation of a home plays a vital role in maintaining the durability of the entire structure. However, multiple factors can give rise to foundational problems over time. Regardless of how simple it may seem, never attempt to repair your foundation as a DIY project.

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applying epoxy coating

3 Practical Tips For Applying Epoxy Coating

Here are some tips for applying epoxy coating for a better look Whether it’s a garage or showroom at your business, the epoxy coating can spruce up the look of any floor. Epoxy floor coating provides several advantages regardless of where it is installed. Here are a few practical tips that should be kept in

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