As seen in showrooms, custom rod and motorcycle shops, and on "fix-it" television shows, the practicality of a quality high-build epoxy flooring system is unquestionable. An CRACK-X flooring system helps the discriminating homeowner, collector, and business by adding increased value to their property and products. In the industry of building and marketing new homes the CRACK-X flooring system can supply a truly competitive edge.

Today, most new homes contain two-car garages while three or four-car garages are not uncommon. A home's interior amenities may contain premium wood and tile floor systems. The garage floor, through which the prospective buyer often enters, is usually ignored. Builders and architects can now benefit from the added value that an CRACK-X high-build epoxy floor can offer to a prospective buyer. The appearance and quality of these floors have aiding in an effortless sale.

Epoxy Floors