CRACK-X flooring systems are an unbeatable combination of colored quartz aggregate and premium epoxy binders. These flooring systems are available in a variety of colors and textures, and because they are high-build systems (typically 1/8" or more), they are not only engineered to withstand a variety of elements, but are resistant to extreme thermal and chemical shock. CRACK-X flooring systems bond permanently to almost any type of sound substrate making the application ideal for new construction as well as repair and restoration projects. Due to the many irregularities, contaminants, and cracks that may exist on a given substrate, preparation is critical to the penetration, bonding and flawless application of the CRACK-X flooring system.

Preparation consists of shot-blasting, diamond grinding and patching to ensure the complete removal of contaminants and concrete fines and to provide the proper profile for coating. Cracks and control joints are removed via epoxy injection welding to ensure a solid monolithic surface for application of the flooring system.

Epoxy Floors