Bill from Pepperell,MA

Work Detail: Wall Cracks and a Cold Joint

Comment: "I've now had Crack-X to my home on three occasions as problem cracks have revealed themselves. On two previous occasions,Crack-X repaired two full wall cracks and a kneewall crack during our very dry summer - so there was only "hope" that they wouldn't leak rather than hard evidence. The first real test came in the fall of this year when we received 4" of rain in a few hours. All of the repairs held like champs,not even a hint of water from the repaired areas. Unfortunately,the storm revealed two more foundation cracks. One of the newly discovered cracks was a complicated cold joint crack that at first appeared simple. But as the tech(Micah) reviewed it,he did not feel that a conventional repair would be sufficient. So he grabbed a shovel and started digging outside. Although it cost a bit more,based on their previous work,I implicitly trust the crack professionals to do the proper repair required and no more than that. He tested his completed work with a hose and the cold joint repair had no leak.

Note,for those wondering why these crack repairs are so important to me... I am building an in-law apartment in my basement for my elderly parents. I want the space to be as pleasant a space as can be afforded ,and keeping it dry is of the utmost importance. So far so good. Just waiting for another warm weather Nor'Easter to give it all a good test. "


Sharad from Haverhill,MA

Work Detail: Wall Cracks

Comment: "Tom came and reviewed the situation and gave me a clear understanding of what he could do to cure the leaks from three cracks in my basement walls. He was very courteous and kept on working until the work was complete. He left the place clean. I recommend Crack-X to anyone who may need the service. "


Bill from Bradford, MA

Work Detail: Wall Crack Repair

Comment: "Tom arrived yesterday and did a great job.Super professional, meticulous about his work, and very personable. Thank you for fixing a nagging problem in our basement and garage. He located a couple more cracks that could have been a leaking issue as well, so I had him fix those too. Already told one of my neighbors about the great service!"



Jessica from Wilmington, MA

Work Detail: Wall and Floor Crack Repair

Comment: "Micah was my tech and he was AMAZING!!! I just bought my home in Wilmington and knew there were cracks that needed repair. He showed up on time and found really important things that even my home inspector missed! He was very honest in what he found and how serious they were or weren't as well as what I should keep an eye on in the future. I'll admit that buying a house with foundation cracks is scary but now I feel better knowing more about the problems in my basement."



Kevin from Andover, MA

Work Detail: Graniflex Garage Floor

Comment: "Our garage floor looks great. We are very pleased. Francisco and Doug did a wonderful job. Francisco explained everything to us and kept us up-to-date as they proceeded with the work. He was very professional and very accurate with his time estimates for each phase of the work. They did a very good job cleaning up when the work was completed. Thanks for a job well done!"



Patrick from Dracut, MA (Realtor)

Work Detail: Wall and Floor Crack Repair

Comment: "Your guys did a great job on our garage(cracked walls and floor). They were courteous and explained the steps as they went through the process. They were on schedule and very neat with their work.Looking forward to them coming back to do our cellar. I would highly recommend them to any buyers or sellers in need of this type of service."